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Simplicity has been in the elite vacuum industry for decades and manufactures uprights, canisters, central vacuums and a handful of specialty machines. Simplicity Vacuums' philosophy is simple: build the best vacuums.

All Simplicity Vacuums are manufactured right here in the United States. Simplicity's upright vacuum line includes their signature Direct Air, Clean Air and Tandem Air models, all built with American ingenuity and quality materials. 

For homes with hard or mixed surface flooring, Simplicity's canister vacuum models are unbeatable. Canister vacuum models include Simplicity's Straight Suction, Compact Power, Full Power and A La Carte variety machines. 

Central vacuums by Simplicity are the equivalent of having your own hidden cleaning ninja. The main unit is installed in a garage, closet or other tucked away place while the machine cleans out of sight. 

From small handheld units to broom or stick models, Simplicity has a line of specialty vacuums that are sure to keep all of those difficult-to-reach places tidy.

No matter what space you need to keep clean, Simplicity Vacuums has the machine for you. Count on their sturdy American-made models to handle any dirty job at your home.

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