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Why use Maison Berger instead of a scented candle?

Unlike scented candles, a Maison Berger does not simply “mask” undesirable odor molecules, rather destroys them so unpleasant smells are truly eliminated and do not come back. A Maison Berger diffuses a long-lasting scent which will remain present over time, even after the diffusion is stopped (several hours of fragrancing for 30 minutes of operation). Maison Berger does not operate with an open flame.

When and how often should I use my Maison Berger?

You should use your Maison Berger every day. For example, simply operate your Maison Berger when you want to give your home a pleasantly fragrant and welcoming atmosphere. Also, when pet, cooking or tobacco smells pervade the house, use your Maison Berger to eliminate these unpleasant odors.

How long do you leave the Maison Berger in operation?

When used to fragrance a room, it depends on your personal preference. For odor elimination, 30 minutes of operation is generally enough for a 100 square foot room.

What if I find my scent overpowering?

Use So Natural to reduce the intensity of any Maison Berger Home Fragrance. Proportion: Up to 1/3 So Neutral to 2/3 Home Fragrance.

Can I mix two Maison Berger Home Fragrances?

No. The Home Fragrance is a flammable product which should never be mixed with one another, with the exception of So Neutral which can be mixed with any of our Home Fragrances.

What fragrance can be used in a Maison Berger?

Only Maison Berger Home Fragrances should be used. We strongly advise against the use of any other product to assure proper functionality and safety.

How to switch from one Home Fragrance to another?

Empty your Maison Berger. Fill it with 60 ml or 2 oz of So Neutral. Let the lamp work until So Neutral is completely gone; then cap the burner with the stopper. When the burner is cold, fill your lamp with the new Home Fragrance.

When to change the burner?

We recommend replacing the burner after 140 hours of diffusion or the equivalent of seven bottles of 500 ml fragrance or one year of use. If it is not going to be used for a lengthy period of time, remember to remove your burner from the lamp to avoid any risk of clogging. Clogging might prevent the burner from being relit correctly.

What precautions to take when using a Maison Berger?

The Maison Berger Home Fragrance is a flammable product that must be handled with care. Fill the lamp on a stable protected surface, away from any source of heat or flames. If spilled, it can cause damage to your furniture. Never touch the burner while Maison Berger is operating as it is very hot (although not red).